How It Works

We have a tried-and-true 3 step process that we follow in order to match you up with a lender and get you and good subprime auto financing loan or deep subprime auto loan. No matter what your situation is, by following this simple three-step plan you will quickly end up with the loan that you need.

Our 3-step process

Let’s take a look at what this means in practice.

Step 1: Determine what you can afford

One of the most important things to consider when first purchasing a vehicle is to take a good look at what you can afford. A lot of people forget about how valuable this step is because they will get inside a vehicle and simply decide that they have to have it. However by taking a few minutes to review what is affordable to you, you can save yourself a lot of extra hassle down the road from being turned down by lenders.

Today we can get a loan for almost anybody but there are a few minimum requirements that will be needed to qualify with most lenders. These are:

1. To earn at least $1000 each month and be employed

2. To be a US resident that is over 18 years old

3. To maintain an active checking account

As long as you meet these simple requirements we should be able to find you a lender without too much difficulty.

Step 2: Apply for the loan

The next step in our plan for getting you a good car loan quote is to fill out one of our auto loan application forms. This can be done either online or directly with us and we will simply need you to enter some information about the loan that you want such as the amount you are requesting as well as what type of financing you are looking for. With this information along with the loan type that you hope to get we can easily match you up with a good auto finance quote. Other than that you only need to enter some basic information about yourself which changes depending on the lender that is chosen. Remember that all of this information will be kept private so you don’t need to worry about any security issues.

Step 3: Get matched with the best lender

All that’s left now is for us to pair you up with the lender that matches your needs. We will now have all information necessary to match you up with a company that will provide you with the subprime auto finance loan that you need. If you like the auto finance quote that we show you from here on out you will be working directly with the lender. It won’t be long before you have that dream car that you always wanted.

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